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        Automation Equipment

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        Optical fiber manufacturing equipment

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        Automatic laminator

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        Non-standard automation equipment

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        Automatic Packaging Machine

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        Haolin 4 advantage

        15 years of professional experience in manufacturing p...

        Has a group of skilled and industry experienced R & D team of highly qualified personnel. Over the years developed a series of High-end products, won the national patent certificate, the products have been widely used in electronics, automotive, to...

        Class modern manufacturers, high-precision production ...

        Company R & D base covering more than 1,600 square meters, the base has a modern quality standards laboratories, tidy Standardized assembly line production operations, products subject to stringent and ESD protection, high and low temperature ag...

        Industry benchmark design, leading production automati...

        Products are the choice of world-class control element, the core component of the company developed the production, reaching Leading world standard level, to ensure a stable and reliable quality, simple operation, rugged Compact and lightweight, c...

        Efficient professional service system

        Free to do the program, free trial for effect, providing free technical support. Professional technical personnel on-site installation are available to ensure the correct operation of the product, free operating personnel training program. Product ...

        About Us

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        Shenzhen Haolin Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd is a collection of R & D, manufacturing, sales, service in one of the leading automation equipment manufacturing enterprises. We have -15 years experience in R & D and manufacturing, the company has a high-quality R & D team, through technical cooperation with international counterparts, and to absorb domestic automation equipment R & D elite, so that my company has a strong independent research and development ability and the innovation ability continuously.

        Company to a high starting point, high standard, high level as the goal, with "zero defect, continuous improvement" as the quality policy, implemented in R & D, manufacturing, sales, service in the whole system, to build a world-class automation equipment manufacturing enterprises for the mission, has a strong research and development team, as the R & D of life.  

        Video display
        Vertical Packaging Machine  Powder Packaging Machine Video  Automatic Screw-Driving Machine video  Automatic Soldering Machine Video 

        Contact Us

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        Shenzhen Haolin Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd
        Tel:13924627849 (Mr.Hou)
        Add:building 2, Huaguan Industrial Park, No. 63, Zhangqi Road, Guixiang community, Guanlan street, Longhua District, Shenzhen,china


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        • RFID reading and printing labeling system RFID reading and printing labeling system
        • Side stick strip film positioning device Side stick strip film positioning device
        • Side peripheral profiling automatic film pasting device Side peripheral profiling automatic film pasting d...
        • ISO90012015 ISO90012015
        • ISO9001 2015 ISO9001 2015

        Technical Data

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